Terms and Conditions

Please find the below mentioned terms and conditions of MCCI.

Services we provide:

  1. The website published at https://mcci.pk/ and any other websites bearing the branding of the Multan Commercial Companies Index which are linked to these terms of agreement (collectively referred to as the Site hereinafter).
  2. Applications for mobile devices bearing the Multan Commercial Companies Index brand name and are interrelated with these terms of the agreement.


  1. By completing and uploading an account registration form, you can register for an account with our website and click the verification connection on the email you receive from our website.
  2. You cannot authorize someone else to enter the web through your password. You will immediately contact us in writing if you become aware of the abuse of your account.
  3. You cannot access the Web of any other user unless you are expressly allowed to access the Web.



Multan Commercial Companies Index does not openly or unintentionally guarantee the activity and consistency of our programs, except as expressly provided for by law. You consent to take advantage of MCCI programs at your sole risk.

For some specific cause, MCCI rejects some assurances of authority, articulated or implied. MCCI shall not warrant and take no obligation for free disruptive or invasive email code received from MCCI. In the case of any damages arising from the application of Multan Commercial Companies Index, it is not responsible.

We reserve the right to suspend access to our services at any time without any obligation to you. You shall be entirely responsible for the interactions and agreement with third-party suppliers and commercial financial service companies while the MCCI services are used and MCCI shall report the obligations or claims of third-party service providers and companies around you.

Acceptance Of Services

You consent to the reimbursement of MCCI and its officers, staff or agents from any claims or demands by anyone you can make as a result of using Multan Commercial Companies Index, your violations of our Agreement Terms, and your infringement of our rights by MCCI Services by any of us.

In any case, the MCCI corporation is not responsible for any consequential, unintended, penal or unique injury, except in compliance with regulation, warranty, position, misconceptions (including negligence), contract, position and any other legal theory. This allowance shall be valid irrespective of whether or not any future damages have been reported.

When any clause under the requirements has been deemed to be lacking for whatever reason, this clause does not influence the fairness or enforceability of the other clauses. It is considered different from the Specifications. No waiver by either of the Parties of any breach or default of this Act is treated as waiving any previous or later breaches or defaults.



You accept that the Multan Commercial Companies Index does not endorse or refer to a third-party website accessible through a connection to our Services by means of its use of the MCCI services. We will not send you any details. We may not assume responsibility for claims against relevant web sites of third parties.

Agreement terms may be different from Multan Commercial Companies Index terms for sites linked to MCCI Services, and anyone wishing to use this third-party website or service should change them. Both MCCI content will be written and can be augmented by the accompanying marketing events for other purposes.

No portion of our offerings is meant to provide advice on credit, mortgages or savings and can be considered as an offer to sell or an offer to buy or an offer to refer any products, assets or collateral by MCCI or any other third-parties financial services company.



We include access through Licensed Financial Service Providers and selected third-party dealers to users of our website ('target agency,' hereinafter).

Index Services of Multan Commercial Companies affirms that they accept the legal responsibility of the terms and conditions specified in this Agreement. The Index reserves the right to alter or cancel any characteristic, price or functionality of its services at any time. Multan Commercial Business Index

The sale and purchasing of goods by third parties shall not be our responsibility. Consumers and producers can find our online shop. Our liability is no problem that could come from third-party victims. Multan Commercial Companies Index is not obliged to fix any issue with the user provider.